Building Information Modeling

Wat is BIM?

BIM is an integrated process that enables building professionals in the construction industry to explore a building digitaly before it's even built. In the whole process coordinated and reliable information is used to design innovative projects, accurately visualize the appearance for better communication, and simulate real-world performance to better understand important characteristics such as cost, schedule, and impact on the environment. The software for Autodesk® Building Information Modeling (BIM), both large and small contractors can face the challenges they are confronted with.

An information model of a project consists first of all of the composition of the structure and the properties of the components such as dimensions, materials, etc... The 3D-model adds the forms and positions to it. This could be used in so-called dynamic and intelligent objects. The information model contains data that indicate what is an object, so computer programs can make objects interactive. This ensures that changes that are made respond to all objects of which the change has an influence on. All this is saved in the database. With traditional design changes often cause errors that must be corrected again, so it's very labor-intensive and therefore cost decisive. Also mistakes in the design are detected in location and / or dimensions of construction parts. Another big advantage is that the risk of differences decreases between construction, architectural and installation, because all components are integrated into one model.

Thanks to the structure of the software
the calculation and analysis software can also be linked to the BIM model. Furthermore, it is possible to take into account the factor of time and cost (4D 5D, respectively). This makes it possible to visualize and analyse the structure and the cost of a building.

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